Sunday, November 8, 2015

NFL Picks for Week 9

Here's my first try at NFL picks

Giants with -2.5 over Buccaneers with 72.73% prob
Packers with -2.5 over Panthers with 64.06% prob
Saints with -7.5 over Titans with 60.44% prob
49ers with +7.0 over Falcons with 60.36% prob
Redskins with +14.0 over Patriots with 60.00% prob
Cowboys with +3.0 over Eagles with 56.45% prob
Bills with -3.0 over Dolphins with 56.25% prob
Steelers with -4.5 over Raiders with 55.56% prob
Broncos with -5.0 over Colts with 54.55% prob

I'm not sure the Redskins can cover the Pats, but I'm putting faith in my prediction algorithm.

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