Sunday, November 22, 2015

NCAA Football Predictions Against the Spread for Nov 21, 2015 RESULTS

OSU with -14.0 over Michigan State with 62.57% prob WRONG
Washington St with -14.5 over Colorado with 62.57% prob CORRECT
Southern Miss with -21.5 over Old Dominion with 62.26% CORRECT
Kentucky with -24.0 over Charlotte with 61.43% prob CORRECT
Washington with -15.5 over Oregon State with 61.29% prob CORRECT
Mid Tennessee with -23.5 over North Texas with 60.69% prob CORRECT
Missouri with +7.0 over Tennessee with 59.50% prob WRONG
Georgia Tech with -2.5 over Miami (FL) with 57.50% prob WRONG
Northwestern with +10.0 over Wisconsin with 56.04% prob WRONG

Using my optimal betting strategy and its tool, if you started the day with 1000 units, you would would have bet 724.21 units and won 884.58 units up 22%, and a total of 1160.40 units. If you would have done proportional betting at 111.11 units per play you would have bet 1000 units and won 1060.60 units or up 6%

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