Sunday, November 15, 2015

NCAA Football Predictions Against the Spread for Nov 14, 2015 RESULTS

Navy with -21.5 over SMU with 69.01% prob CORRECT
Appalachian St with -20.0 over Idaho with 64.58% CORRECT
Cal with -21.5 over Oregon State with 62.75% prob CORRECT
LSU with -7.5 over Arkansas with 62.73% prob WRONG
San Diego State with -24.5 over Wyoming with 62.69% prob CORRECT
Northwestern with -14.5 over Purdue with 62.43% prob WRONG
South Carolina with +7.5 over Florida with 60.19% prob WRONG
Vanderbilt with -3.0 over Kentucky with 59.23% prob CORRECT
Utah State with -2.5 over Air Force with 57.87% prob WRONG
FAU with +5.5 over Mid Tennessee with 57.05% prob WRONG
Missouri with +5.5 over BYU with 57.05% prob CORRECT
FIU with +10.5 over Marshall with 55.94% prob WRONG
Washington St with +10.0 over UCLA with 55.94% prob CORRECT
Minnesota with +10.0 over Iowa with 55.94% prob CORRECT

The picks went my way this week. I went 8 for 14, and using my betting scheme, up +18.1% for the day.

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