Sunday, August 16, 2015

Searchable Databases Available at My New Site,

I created a new site, Snoozle Sports, so users and create their own queries for generating statistics for college football and NFL stats downloads. On this site you can make custom queries, download CSV and XML files, and see visualizations of the data for teams. It's still early in it's development, but I wanted to get out my 0.1 version before the regular football seasons started. I still need to add the play-by-play data and lines to the new site, and they'll be soon.

I won't be taking down the stats on this site, and I will continue updating them throughout the season like I did last year, but basically this new site will be a new tool for you to use.

The site is named after my dog, Lady, whose nickname was Snoozle, she died right before, I started building this site so I named it honor of her.

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