Saturday, September 27, 2014

Free College Football Statistics Now Available on Dr. Wag Picks

This week I added a statistics page which are the statistics I use for my picks.

Initially, this season I used stats from the Sunshine Forcast, but the page owner Walter Repole has not updated his projections or stats in a while. Last Sunday, I decided to write an program to collect my own stats and spreads. To collect the data, I wrote a computer program called a web crawler, a web crawler traverses a web site and retrieves information, I wrote one that gets publicly available stats from and the spreads are from

In the past seasons, I used stats from CFBStats which used to be free to access current week stats and archived stats, but the site began charging for them this season under the domain CFBStats had tons of stats from not only team game performance but individual drive and play-by-play stats as well as stuff like game attendance, and it looks like the pay site has the same data. The packages range from $500/yr to $2000/yr based on how in depth you want the statistics. They had tons of stats so I do not blame them for charging. They did the work, and they should be compensated. My statistics are not as in-depth and only include basic statistics you can get from a regular box score.

I will add stats for additional sports throughout the year.

If you have any other data you would like to see list them in the comments.

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